Olive Oil Label

When the tradition of Aeclanum meets the modern Greaseproof treatment.

By on February 7th, 2019

The Terramia agricultural holding is born from the love for a land of millenarian agri-food culture: Irpinia is characterized by a riot of colours, flavours and aromas that pervade the landscape and the ancient centres scattered throughout the countryside. Terramia promotes the culture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – combined with local food production – and underlines the necessary commitment to create a high-end product like Aeclanum, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from Ravece olives.

The variety of Ravece olives, which is appreciated for the organoleptic qualities, comes from an ancient and native olive tree, cultivated since the early Sixteenth century. The oil, thanks to an intense fruity aroma and a slight bitter note, adds depth and aromatic scents to any dish.

The design of the label was conceived by Andrea Basile of the ABasileADV agency and is oriented towards enhancing the naturalness of the oil. The graphic motifs on the label emphasize the strong bond with the territory: they are representing the archaeological remains found in the ancient necropolis of Aeclanum and it is this city that gives its name to this refined Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The precious details are printed with a metallic gold hot foil to give more elegance to the label; stimulating not only the sight but also the tactile sense thanks to the particular texture of the label surface.

The self-adhesive paper used to create the Aeclanum label is Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof, produced by Arconvert, a pure ECF pulp, felt-marked paper with a barrier to oils and greases. The feared problem of the oil stain on the label is eliminated thanks to the Greaseproof treatment, which allows the self-adhesive paper, and consequently the label, to maintain an impeccable appearance even when it comes in contact with vegetable oil and grease.