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Rise to the challenge! What is your favourite sparkling or rosé wine label? For brand owners, designers and printers who love creativity.

By on February 22nd, 2021

Stay up to date with one of the hottest industry trends and show off your incredible designs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your eye-catching label designs printed on Manter self-adhesive materials for sparkling and rosé wines that capture the essence of one of today’s most popular beverages. We want you creatives to send us now your inspirational and innovative labels so we can show them off too!

Why sparkling and rosé wine labels? Buying trends show that rosé wine, popular as a versatile drink that is neither too heavy nor too light, is only getting hotter! One of the biggest predicted trends for 2021 is the Italian Prosecco Rosé, sparking a boom in high-value pink wines.

While buying habits of consumers may have changed drastically with the Covid-19 pandemic and volumes have of course decreased at traditional venues such as hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs due to lockdowns, other sectors such as supermarkets and particularly e-commerce have thrived.

Now more than ever it is essential to have labels that stand out and captures attention when a buyer is scanning products on the shelf or online amongst a crowded and competitive market. Engaging labels that provide a fun and sensorial experience that also demonstrate care is taken regarding sustainability, are a critical key component to packaging that will influence consumers to buy and means you are keeping up with the market and not being left behind.

Submit your best label designs detailing the Manter self-adhesive material, printing techniques and story behind the inspiration to us by March 31st.  

We will publish the selected labels on all our online channels to share your amazing creativity that celebrates one of 2021’s hottest trends: sparkling and rosé wine!

Send your labels to: