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Wine Label

Rays of light glow brightly on Manter Cotone Bianco UWS FSC™ printed labels for new wines from the Czech Rozařín winery.

By on February 15th, 2021

Rozařín winery is in beautiful Southern Moravia, Czechia, a place famous for its wine production. There is even an area of the region called Moravian Tuscany! That area of Italy is of course very well-known for its own wine as well as special light beloved by artists, but the beauty and inspiration of illumination is certainly rivalled around the Rozařín winery.

It is their motto that “there would be no wine without light” and it is that very concept that has led to the production of their latest two wines with unique labels showcasing “daybreak” and “dusk”. The family winery started by František Janoušek, is managed by his two sons who combine their passion for wine, music (wine tours include singing famous Moravian songs!) and the land around them to create new varieties every year in the summer and winter solstice.

The design agency, David Geĉ along with printers, Etiflex S.R.O worked together in a long testing process to create labels for each wine picturing the time of day, Dawn for the white wine and Twilight for the red wine. They were inspired by Rozařín winery’s history, as the name is taken from a now extinct village which combines the name of St Rosalia and the word in Czech for glow. They have kept the rose symbol in a fine embossed relief as part of their brand logo and used two shades of golden hot foil stamping to depict the sun rays shining.

The label is printed on the sustainable Cotone Bianco Ultra WS™ , a self-adhesive paper made of 100% cotton fibres, from annually renewable plants. This environmentally-friendly tree free material has a natural texture and is in a delicate nuanced white shade, making it the perfect choice for the concept behind these eye-catching labels. The face stock is combined with the Ultra WS™ treatment, a co-extrusion treatment on the backside, that prevents the formation of bubbles and wrinkles as well as label deformation in the ice-bucket or during extreme temperature fluctuations. It also provides excellent label adhesion on glass surfaces in damp conditions. The whole design was created to highlight the connection between the earth, universe and the regular changing of light and seasons.