Spirits Label

Liquid sunshine by Citrange Amaro – Limone dell’Etna and Mandarino di Sicilia with labels on Tintoretto Black Pepper FSC™

By on February 4th, 2021

Bitter, refreshing, versatile, ecological, unique. These are just some of the words to describe the creation of two exciting and innovative artisanal liquors from Citrange Amaro born out of and inspired by the Sicilian volcanic lands surrounding Mt Etna. Produced by a family who has grown citrus fruits for generations on this land and blended age-old traditions with modern techniques.

Both drinks are created using the fruits grown in the volcanic soil giving them a unique taste. Etna IGP Lemons and Sicilian Mandarins are grown without using any pesticides or added phytochemicals, ensuring both drinks are produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way and are naturally rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C and antioxidants. Mandarino contains green and orange mandarin peel, gentian, cinchona and rhubarb and Limone contains lemon peel, gentian, cinchona, clove, oregano, elderflower and cinnamon. Both have secret family ingredients! Foraged wild Sicilian herbs, alcohol and sugar completes the magic.

Held within a black stylish bottle, the drinks created are perfect drank straight from the freezer or with ice, or as a bitter mixer for creative cocktails to bring some Italian sunshine into your daily life! With gorgeous labels for each drink that are modernistic but at the same time pays homage to the land and fruit used, Aldo Segat Studio have designed luxurious tactile labels that will stand out in any bar or retail outlet to capture the consumer’s attention and allow themselves to  imagine drinking in the Sicilian sunshine wherever they may be.

Citrange1Printed on black self-adhesive paper from the iconic Tintoretto range from Manter, the word Amaro (bitter) shines out proudly on the felt-marked Tintoretto Black Pepper FSC™ with the use of gold foil and vibrant orange and yellow colours to reflect the colours of the lemons and mandarins on the respective drinks. Arconvert-Ritrama offers a higher standard and refined touch thanks to its pulp-colored papers range, which avoid showing the typical white borderline of printed black labels, for an elegant and outstanding result.

The paper chosen by the designers is resistant to creasing and label deformation even in the ice bucket or when undergoing temperature fluctuations, giving long life to the unique tastes of citrus fruits from Mt Etna, Sicily. The incredible performances of this label are also ensured thanks to the Ultra WS treatment, an extrusion on the paper backside and not a foil, allowing good flexibility and easier die cutting.