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Heppington Vineyard debut a new wine with winning label design on Picasso X-Dry FSC™

By on February 2nd, 2021

With its spectacular coastline and plentiful fruit filled orchards, the UK county of Kent is typically nicknamed the Garden of England. Now thanks to a revolution within the English wine industry taking place, Kent with over 50 vineyards, is also now known as the capital of English wine.

One such vineyard is the Blaxland family-owned single estate, Heppington Vineyard, which has a pioneering legacy for winemaking. Undoubtedly inspired by his ancestor Gregory Blaxland who had emigrated from Canterbuy, Kent to Australia in 1806, later becoming the first person to export wine from there to the UK, Henry Blaxland planted vines in 2016 on land on the edge of the North Downs, Kent which has been in the Blaxland family for generations. Now the family have created an aromatic Pinot Gris wine with an award winning Best Individual Design label at the Hapers Design Awards 2020.

Kent has one of the warmest and mildest climates in the UK and a terroir that is the perfect blend of soils for growing grapes, thanks to the free draining chalk soils of the North Downs (part of the same chalk ridge that stretches to Champagne, France!). The chalky geology around the Heppington estate in the North Downs, is a rare and unique habitat. This fragmented and rustic landscape inspired the designers at Studio Parr, who were entrusted by the Blaxland family to create a visually stunning label for the debut of their first non-sparkling white wine, Pinot Gris 2019.  Described as a modern wine that is a vital style for the UK, the wonderfully crafted and tactile textures and colours of the label with its layers, reflect in an abstract style the environment of the chalky North Downs, Kent where this special wine was produced.


The printers Berkshire Labels, collaborating closely with design agency Studio Parr, used an HP Indigo Press and their own Digicon Press to print over 2 stages on a premium paper from the Manter range at Arconvert-Ritrama. Picasso X-Dry FSC™ is an uncoated self-adhesive paper that in its natural shade is white and with a felt-marked texture. Understanding that material choices are essential to the performance and aesthetics of the finished label, this responsibly sourced and eco-friendly paper was chosen so that they; the brand owner, designer and printer, could be assured of an elegant and premium finish. The brilliantly blue-green coloured label symbolises the sea and touches of white picture the uneven chalky rock formations. With the addition of its two different gold hot foils, including a Lumafin transparent gold, the added technology of X-Dry™, ensures the initial label opacity and integrity is preserved even with extreme temperature changes, so that the Heppington Vineyard Pinot Gris 2019 award winning label remains outstanding.



Photography credits: Paul Piper Photography