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Wine Label

The lost paradise and the beginning of a new reality, Eden Winery.

By on January 8th, 2021

These two words, Eden and Genesis, have gathered through the centuries an infinite amount of meanings and their symbolism still influences many cultural and religious aspects of today. In this case “the lost paradise”, Eden Winery, rises between the mountains of kosmaj and bukulja, a particular territory that creates ideal conditions for a quality crop.

Genesis, as the word itself suggests is the beginning, the first batches harvested in 2017 and bottled the following year. This dry red wine, aged 12 months in barrels, is a composition of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, a robust body that ends with a complex finish that leaves behind the scent of plums, blackberries and cherries.

The graphic concept of these labels wants to depict in its own way the Eden gardens, full of symbolism like Eva’s Apple and the key, granting access to this paradise, two elements to convey the remarkable bond between nature and technology, so important for the winery. Gear wheels on the other hand represent science, a continuous process of improvement and aspiration to produce the best possible product.

The labels are printed by Crveno Valjevo on Arconvert-Ritrama’s Waterproof White FSC™, an uncoated paper produced with FSC™ certified elemental chlorine free (ECF) pulp. It is treated on both sides with a special waterproof coating technology that prevents deformation, wrinkles and bubbles and so  preserves the initial label opacity and integrity without the addition of any protective film even after enduring extreme temperature changes and ice bucket immersion. Combined with the permanent acrylic adhesive SH-9020™ this versatile self-adhesive paper provides a perfect label adhesion to the bottle.


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