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Tintoretto Ivory FSC™ self-adhesive paper now with Manter’s revolutionary H+Opacity™ technology and with SH9020™ adhesive

By on December 21st, 2020

The Tintoretto range for premium brand labelling from the Manter collection grows with the introduction of Ivory colour with H+Opacity™ treatment.

The Tintoretto range from the Manter collection is iconic in the world of luxury self-adhesive papers for Wines & Spirits and Gourmet product labels. This classic and popular self-adhesive paper in ivory colour is now even more appealing with the addition of being combined with H+Opacity™ technology. The uncoated felt-marked texture makes this self-adhesive paper perfect for the labelling of premium products.

Inspired by Tintoretto, the Italian master painter from the Renaissance period famous for his charismatic use of colour, the Manter collection emulates him with the spectrum of rich colours available in the Tintoretto range. With the introduction of making the classic ivory coloured paper available with the advanced technology that is H+Opacity™ treatment, the Manter collection has also taken inspiration from Tintoretto by the way he was ahead of his time in terms of technique. Added directly to the paper pulp, the High Opacity treatment provides greater effectiveness in protecting the label appeal much longer, preventing it from greying even if immersed in water or ice.

Tintoretto Ivory H+O™ FSC™ can be combined with SH6020 Plus™, an adhesive developed to reposition misapplied label within a few minutes from application, and also with SH9020™, the new permanent Manter adhesive specifically developed to provide the wine industry with excellent resistance in severe damp conditions and through temperature fluctuations.

With the perfect self-adhesive paper in a beautiful colour and the combination of technological advances, wine makers, designers and packaging experts can be assured that the carefully crafted brand image on the product will always maintain its premium look.

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