New Product

Smooth and with 100% pure cotton fibres for the Cotone Nero Intense, new to Manter cotton range

By on December 21st, 2020

Cotone Nero Intense is added to the Manter premium cotton sustainable range for labelling solutions.

We are proud to launch another self-adhesive paper for premium brands as part of the Manter cotton range that is both sustainable and luxurious.

The Cotone Nero Intense is an uncoated, pulp coloured self-adhesive paper. This non-felt version has a smoother look and feel than the felt version and as implied by its name, has a darker and more intense black colour. Being pulp-coloured, the unsightly white edges on the label are avoided so that a sophisticated and elegant look is ensured. Moreover, Cotone Nero Intense is carbon black free making it the perfect choice for hot stamping works.

Cotone Nero Intense is paired with SH9020™, a new permanent adhesive specifically developed to provide the wine industry with excellent resistance in severe damp conditions and through temperature fluctuations.

We are committed to supporting sustainable options for designers and those in the packaging industry. Cotton is constantly surprising people with its applications and abilities. This self-adhesive paper is ideal for labelling on high added value products by brands looking to do their part to help create a more sustainable world.

A designer needs to be inspired and have versatile materials at their disposal to create innovative and eye-catching labels for in the market. Labels are a powerful tool to communicate a lot of information as well as pleasure to the consumer. This new addition to the Manter cotton range is another resource to meet printing needs for creative minds who want to convey luxury and elegance on their premium brand packaging along with demonstrating their commitment to using sustainable solutions.