Sparkling Label

Constellation Jade Intreccio is the true protagonist on Reticello’s prestige Cuvée label.

By on November 30th, 2020

‘Reticello’ is one of the latest projects by Harcusdesign for the Spicers’ Wine & Gourmet Companion, a collection of their range of narrow web self-adhesive stocks, aimed to multiple packaging sectors like wine, beer, spirits and gourmet foods.

The vintage prestige Cuvée was specifically designed for Manter’s Constellation Jade Intreccio, a pearlescent paper featuring a special embossed grid. From this particular finish comes its name, Intreccio, which represents the interlacing or interweaving motif on the paper.

This premium self-adhesive material is made of pure natural ECF pulp and is combined with the Ultra WS treatment, particularly suitable for white, rosé and sparkling wines. This treatment prevents the formation of wrinkles and bubbles and the deformation of the label in the ice bucket and in the event of temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, it increases the adhesion of the label on glass surfaces in damp conditions without increasing the face-stock “memory effect”.

The spectacular label is digitally printed and shows an intricate foil embellishment that creates an incredible effect thanks to the embossing and debossing details as well with the addition of High Build Spot UV.