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Audacious and crazy, Louco is the new brand of António Saramago Filho

By on October 22nd, 2020

Audacity and ambition is what aims the new line “Louco” of António Saramago Filho, deciding to break patterns and show creativity, as tribute to everything that is light and young, bold and spontaneous without forgetting its roots.

The label’s design by M&A Creative Agency was inspired by the Joker’s hat in a clear reference to the naming (“Louco”) and graphic pattern association. With personalized lettering where the blue-green tones predominate, the hat is the central element, but the whole label’s décor has a unique graphic, with an illusion of spiral optics. The bottle has no capsule, but a visible and personalized cork with the brand’s image.

This creative and exploding labels has been printed on Arconvert’s Waterproof White, a pure cellulose natural paper treated with an exclusive formula that guarantees high resistance in the ice bucket and maintains opacity in the presence of condensation.