Wine Label

Six Figures, six friends and their passion for wine.

By on October 16th, 2020

Six Figures Wine is a brand-new project launched on September 9th, 2020.

Born from the collaboration of six friends (Tim Gatto, Aaron Cherny, Eddie Gilbert, Tyson Caly, Brett Smith, And Rande Feldman) this wine project reflects friendship, the desire to make wine, to have fun and to take risks, while pushing boundaries.

The idea was simple: source and highlight heritage varieties from the Sonoma Valley to make a singular wine reflecting a true sense of place and time, that also embodies each of the collective personalities. Each of the six founders brought a unique set of skills to the table of this new brand, coming from various aspects of the wine business and tech world and therefore creating a special synergy of interests and specialties.

The six barrels graphic found on the wine label is representative of the brands six founders and the six varietals found in the wine blend. A textured wood grain deboss and silver foil help add dimension and character to the bold nature of the graphic.

The Six Figures label is printed on Arconvert’s Tintoretto Crystal Salt UWS at Fortis Solutions Napa. This incredible self-adhesive material belongs to the uncoated papers of the Tintoretto family, the felt-marked papers «par excellence». The Crystal Salt version features a bright shade of white that reminds of the typical high whiteness of the salt crystals processed in the saltworks of Renaissance Venice.