Wine Label

Etefe, Manyarì and Phemina are the three protagonists of the Cirò line by the Italian winery Bringante.

By on October 2nd, 2020

This winery, located between the Ionian Sea and the mountains of La Sila, finds itself in the perfect spot for the production of its special wines. In such an environment, with the climate tempered by the sea and a fresh breeze from the mountains, four generations have come and gone, working with passion and dedication. Far from the chaos and stress of the city, in a space that seems stuck in time, tradition and innovation have found the perfect balance.

Part of the Cirò wine line, these three special wines are a praise to women, symbol of fertility and prosperity, strong and essential women, like the ones of Brigante winery.

That was the starting point for the design studio Studio G, create an essential packaging, where the preciousness of the paper and the refinement of the details give it the true character, stunning without redundance.

In their simplicity these elements contribute to give great value to the bottle and the product.

The premium paper used for these labels is Arconvert’s Savile Row Tweed White.

This uncoated self-adhesive paper made of pure elemental chlorine free (ECF) wood-free pulp mixed with cotton fibers and other textile fibers is a perfect mix of sustainability and beauty. The special texture, which recreates the characteristic tweed fabric effect, was designed to pay tribute to Savile Row, the street in London, that was home to some of the finest tailors in the world.