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Peregrino, the guiding star, on Mineral Paper

By on September 30th, 2020

Gordonzello vineyards are part of a unique environment along the bed of the river Cea, in the León Gordoncillo, where vineyards jealously guard their secret: the aroma, color, body, flavor, … the essence of a a land which was rediscovered 20 years ago.

In fact, in 1996, a group of winemakers came up with the idea of converting the old unproductive vineyards of the Region into a profitable reality that has now become a strong and promising territory. What started as the initiative of 101 members has become in 2002 a modern and well-renowned winery, Bodega Gordonzello,  with a size of more than 47,000 m2. The wines are aged in premium selections of American, French and Hungarian oak for an incredible result.

Peregrino (“Pilgrim”) takes its name from the stars, guiding the way through the night. This wine collection designed by Estudio Pablo Guerrero develops through different colors and shapes of origami to differentiate the wine types, but also to give them personality and freshness.

This line is printed on Arconvert’s Mineral Paper, a renewable and recyclable tree free premium self-adhesive material made with a mixture of mineral dust (calcium carbonate) and PVC. It’s waterproof and greaseproof characteristics make it perfect for various applications and for undergoing temperature shifts and humidity. This combined with the incredibly beautiful finish of the paper able to match the high standards of premium products.