shoot 13 Mai 2019
Gourmet Label

Bù bouillons modernizes everyday’s cuisine with a young and colorful design approach.

By on September 18th, 2020

The time for boring broth and old-fashioned bouillons cubes is over, it’s time for a brand-new image and a product able to fit in the new modernity, to attract young people towards the incredible world of gourmet.

That’s what Bú Bouillons decided to go for, reinventing a broth able to satisfy the current consumers’ needs like the use of organic ingredients, no additives and unexpected exotic flavors (like fennel-leek, peas-mint-coconut or carrot-turmeric). A gourmet product with multiple uses, perfect for cooking but also as a drink.

The design created by SDSG perfectly fits the mission of the brand to win over a younger target with a cheerful but elegant design.

The labels were printed by Imprimerie Eperon on Arconvert’s Nature Paper Greaseproof, an incredible pure ECF pulp paper belonging to the special GreaseproofTM range. Especially developed for cosmetics and high-end food specialties this self-adhesive papers present a stain-resistant treatment added directly to the paper mixture to guarantee an immaculate result even along the label’s edges and not only on the surface.

The quality of this face material, its texture, as well as its resistance to grease and water (perfectly suited for the Bù Bouillons products) were the decisive points for the brand to go for this option. To create a fresh product that carries a refined gourmet touch.