Wine Label

A label instilling the true essence of Saracina Vineyards and the Taub family, elegant and representative of its territory

By on September 16th, 2020

Saracina Vineyards, with its 3 generations’ legacy in the wine sector, is an enchanted place spreading out on 250 acres, which includes a winery and sustainably farmed vineyards, but it’s also home to a 120-year-old olive orchards, vegetable gardens, bee hives, and all manner of bird and wild animal life. Wine has been the centerpiece of the Taub family’s narrative, and its livelihood, driven by hard work and dedication across multiple generations and resulting in the special handcrafted, limited production Saracina wines.

The collaboration between the winery and Gatto Design led to the creation of nine incredible designs for the Saracina brand.

This label evolution was meant to reflect the site’s rugged terrain while balancing the elegant and modern style of the winery’s architecture. The varied textures of the artwork capture the diversity of the landscape and communicate a true sense of place, like a diapositive able to convey a visual and a tactile impression. The elegancy of the golden hot-foil details, the debossing small elements, everything merges to create this beautiful and modern label.

The Saracina labels are printed on Arconvert’s Cotone Bianco Ultra WS, a treefree paper with a precious felt-marked texture and a delicate natural white shade, which make it one of the must-have self-adhesive papers preferred by label designers all over the world. The high substance makes it perfect for embossing and debossing finishes. It is also environmentally friendly because it does not contain tree fibers and is produced in the historical Fedrigoni’s factory of Fabriano with pure cotton fibers, a yearly renewable plant. Combined with the Ultra WS technology, which prevents wrinkles, bubbles and the deformation of the label, this paper is ready to withstand any kind of skirmish, from humidity to time.