Spirits Label

Vogel Gin is the true spirit of the adventurous Mineiros, seeking the new and the feeling of freedom.

By on September 7th, 2020

Vogel is a distillery of Minas Gerais, born behind the mountains of Serra do Curral, an emblematic landscape for all Belo Horizonte people. Symbolizing the free and adventurous spirit of the Mineiros, Gin Vogel comes as an ode to freedom, an invitation to dare to be different and seek new adventures out of our usual comfort zone.

As for the already existing tradition in the beverage business, exaltation of the local environment is very important, so are the raw material used, like botanicals as well as being true to the “spirit” of the place where the product is produced, which carries an incredible symbolic and historical meaning that should not be forgotten.

Knowing this, for the construction of the packaging line Estúdio Zingoni, took a different approach close to the “Mineiridade” concept, someone who rans away from the establishment and social labels, but at the same time, maintained the essence of Minas Gerais already known by all Brazilians. Thus, came the positioning of Vogel, a distillery that exalts the adventurous and restless side of Mineiro.

It was based on this premise that the whole identity and packaging of the gin was developed, from the choice of the bottle to illustration and finishes in hot stamping symbolizing the trails and the act of searching for the new.  Everything was designed to convey that sense of adventure and daring, so loved by the miners.

The choice of Arconvert’s TINTORETTO GESSO H+O was essential for the project, its texture conveying the feelings of a rustic and elegant products, reflecting the “soul of the miner” like no other.
Tintoretto Gesso´s high brightness and iconic felt-marked texture make this paper perfect for premium products labelling, well known among designers and printers and now available with additional cutting-edge technologies aimed to resist water absorption and maintain perfect labels even under difficult circumstances like temperature shifts or humidity.

The H+Opacity™ treatment preserves the initial label opacity and premium image of the brand even after enduring the demanding challenge of the fridge and ice bucket, and combined with Arconvert’s permanent acrylic adhesive SH-9020™ this versatile self-adhesive paper provides a perfect label adhesion to the bottle.