Wine Label

A fingerprint and a pithos on Dragomir Estate Pitos Reseve’s label, to represent its uniqueness and artisanal character.

By on August 31st, 2020

A fingerprint, one of the very rare physical characteristics that truly differentiate one person from the other and therefore a symbol of intricacy, uniqueness and personal character. That is the reason for the designer Jordan Jelev to have chosen this specific image for Dragomir Estate winery’s Pitos Reserve, an incredible rebranding project. Dragomir Estate’s best quality and uniqueness stand out thanks to this label design, communicating the brand’s premium and high-class character.

To create continuity and reconnect to customers’ loyalty, the Label Maker preserved the artistic silhouette of the pithos illustration found on the old label, as reference of the winery’s strong bound with concepts like craft, artisan, hand-made, boutique.  This complex project was printed by Rotoprint and presents different embellishments like the transparent raised varnished of the fingerprint, which crosses the copper silk foil image of the pithos. All shining with very visible and sensible embossing effects, details and reflections.

Under the pithos image the designer created a monoline lettering for the word Reserve – white hot foil on the deep black label, while the vintage was printed with transparent raised varnish against the paper background. 

The whole game of levels, reflections, elevations and glimmer, is enhanced by the paper base material, Arconvert’s Ispira Nero Mistero, a pitch-black paper with a beautiful soft-touch finish. Sensorial stimuli are one of the most decisive elements when choosing among the infinite possibilities offered on the market.

The Ispira collection by ManterTM offers four different natural self-adhesive papers made with pure chlorine free cellulose (E.C.F.) and FSCTM certified that, thanks to their special surface treatment, allow an excellent printing performance even in case of very complex graphic projects. Combined with the Ultra WS treatment on the front label, which avoids the formation of wrinkles and reduces the absorption of water on the surface of the paper, these premium papers are the optimal solution for the design and printing of original and innovative labels.