Wine Label

The number 7 as inspiration for the Sedmero Vermouth on Materica Kraft.

By on August 26th, 2020

Everything of this special Vermouth revolves around the number Seven, from the liquor’s ingredients, to the packaging, to the product name itself. This first Moravian vermouth, Sedmero, is the result of a collaboration between the Winery of the year 2017 Jan Stávek and the Brno‘s Bar bartenders, který neexistuje . The magical number, used to give the actual product name, comes to life also though the label’s shape, thanks to a particular die-cut. Inspiration for the design came to Lukáš Průdek by an old herbarium and by the seven herbs that give the flavor to this liquor. The monochromatic illustrations on the label reflects the colour of the vermouth itself, enriched by white and golden hot stamping details while craftsmanship and natural character of the product are ultimately expressed through the paper.

This label is printed by Etiflex on Arconvert’s Materica Kraft Ultra WS, a natural paper, made with cotton, recycled fibers and pure cellulose, that combined with the Ultra WS treatment merges high-tech innovation and sustainability. The Ultra WS in fact is a treatment particularly suitable for white, rosé and sparkling wines because it prevents the formation of wrinkles and the deformation of the label in the ice bucket and in the event of temperature changes, increasing the adhesion of the label on glass surfaces in damp conditions. This guarantees a perfect and pristine label until the last drop was poured.