i&i - Part 3

Arconvert presents Innovation & Inspiration – Part 3 Tintoretto Gesso H+O Ultra WS also available with the IDP technology.

By on August 24th, 2020

The new collection of Manter self-adhesive papers produced by Arconvert offers unexplored creative possibilities for premium labels thanks to Arconvert new technologies, unique textures and appealing colors.

Creativity is the beating heart of the new Arconvert Innovation & Inspiration catalog, for, through inspiration and innovation, creativity has always been the basis of every development process. Dedicated to the most innovative and inspired minds of our time, such as, for example, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Banksy, this new catalog looks forward both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

Despite nowadays’ many forms of communication, labels continue to be the most powerful tool for brands that want to leave an indelible mark on consumers’ mind, starting from the first glance on the shelf. Designed by Stefano Torregrossa, brilliant and multitalented art director of O,nice! Design studio, the labels celebrate some of the most inventive minds of our time. The labels are small works of art printed in Bolzano by La Commerciale Borgogno.

The third article dedicated to this brand-new collection presents one of Arconvert’s classics, well known among designers and printers and now available with additional cutting-edge technologies aimed to resist water absorption and maintain perfect labels even under difficult circumstances like temperature shifts or humidity.


The H+Opacity™ treatment preserves the initial label opacity and premium image of the brand even after enduring the demanding challenge of the fridge and ice bucket, while the Ultra WS™ treatment prevents deformation, wrinkles and bubbles. Combined with Arconvert’s permanent acrylic adhesive SH-9020™ this versatile self-adhesive paper provides a perfect label adhesion to the bottle.

Furthermore, this uncoated felt-marked paper is now available in the IDP version, certified for digital printing with INDIGO technology thanks to a special coating treatment developed in collaboration with Hewlett Packard.


Tintoretto Gesso´s high brightness and iconic felt-marked texture make this paper perfect for premium products labelling, like the two examples featured in the Innovation & Inspiration catalogue.



The first label is printed on Tintoretto Gesso H+O Ultra WS and wants to celebrate the Swedish entrepreneur and technologist globally known as the cofounder and C.E.O. of the music streaming service Spotify, Daniel Ek. Spotify emerged at a time when the industry was undergoing a shocking decline in revenues due to the advent of digital music that made it trivially easy for people to share full albums on line which resulted in large piracy increases that reached a point of all but killing off the industry itself. Developed to bring music to the masses, Spotify bridged the gap between the illegal file sharing innovation and a “behind the times” Record industry, thus saving it. The label features a fictitious Vodka produced in Sweden and named “Muspotifyk” in Cyrillic characters, a mashup

combining the words “music” and “Spotify”. The three waves above and below the distillery logo and the date of its foundation obviously have connotations the Spotify logo. Of course, just like Spotify, this vodka is democratically “available everywhere”. Finally, the small headphones pictogram symbolises music.




The second on Tintoretto Gesso H+O IDP Ultra WS is dedicated to Steve Jobs, the world-famous American business magnate, entrepreneur and investor. He was the Chairman, C.E.O., and cofounder of Apple Inc., the Chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar, as well as a member of The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors following its acquisition of Pixar. Jobs is widely recognized as a pioneer of the microcomputer revolution leading to the development of lifechanging and successful devices that revolutionized six industries – personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing and digital publishing. Of course, the label dedicated to Steve Jobs couldn’t be anything else but an apple cider label. It is widely unknown that his original name was Abdul Latif Jandali that was changed to Steve Jobs upon being adopted. The apple cider is obviously being produced in Silicon Valley, and the label is full of play on words and ironic references to Jobs and his most famous quotes such as the milestone “Stay hungry, stay foolish”, pronounced during a graduation speech.


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