Spirits Label

The first ever gin distilled with handpicked tea leaves, Broich Single Estate by Teasmith Spirits Co.

By on August 21st, 2020

Teasmith Spirits Co. is a well renowned brand from Scotland, that has garnered strong loyalty and international acclaim from gin connoisseurs and the craft food and drink market alike. With the expertise of the design studio FortyTwo the created an incredible brand image to do justice to their original and unique product, the first ever gin to be distilled with handpicked tea leaves, creating a distinct flavour palette and a truly memorable brand.

With the flagship spirit established, FortyTwo created a limited edition brand extension – Grower’s Edition – and prepared the launch of their first new release, the Broich Single Estate. A gin distilled with tea leaves grown and picked in Scotland – the first crop of its kind, and a really meaningful next chapter in The Teasmith’s story. When distilled, Broich black tea gives light aromas of honey and apple.

For such a special product, a label was needed, able to confer premium and elegant character with its design and packaging materials. The labels for the Broich Single Estate where therefore printed on Arconvert’s Woodstock Betulla, an ecological paper made with high content of recycled fiber (80%) . The texture reminds the wood fibres and gives the true feeling of natural and organic, perfect to represent the key ingredient, the flavorful tealeaves.   In addition to rose gold foil and embossed details the label was decorated with clear screen print, adding refined detail and another leveI of tactility to the off-the-shelf bottle.

This incredible design was the only one from UK to receive an award at Vinitaly Design Int’l Packaging Competition winning the silver label for the category packaging of spirits with a different origin than grapes. Teasmith2-103