Gourmet Label

The gourmet label for Praizal on Woodstock Sughero to recall green pastures and artisanal crafts.

By on August 19th, 2020

Designed by the renowned Design studio Pablo Guerrero for the Praizal de Jabares de los Oteros artisan cheese factory in León, this label is very simple yet extremely elegant.

The design studio, that took care of the complete brand and company image, wanted to preserve the artisan, classical style of the producer, also enclosed in the name itself. “Praizal” in fact means meadow or prairie, to recall the pastures where cattle are taken to graze over the summer period.

The simple packaging design is counterposed by a lettering, designed with classic forms but full of tension and energy.

The label is printed on Arconvert’s Woodstock Sughero, a finely mottled ecological paper FSCFM certified made with a high component of recycled fiber (80%) . Due to the raw material nature the color has different gradients of color, for a perfect artisanal effect.