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Cosmetic Label

The thousand faces of London on the Soapsmith brand-new cosmetics labels

By on August 17th, 2020

Soapsmith is an award-winning London-based soap and body care brand, founded in 2012 by Sam Jameson. Soapsmith distinguishes itself for its crafted and uniquely scented handmade soaps and body care products, inspired by the character and vibrancy of London locations. The brand has always used natural ingredients of the highest quality for products focusing on scent and fragrance.

With the expertise of the global independent brand design agency Bulletproof, Soapsmith created a brand-new company and product image, bold and contemporary. Highlighting the concept of “Urban Artistry” and inspired by the textures, typography, street art and other sensorial experiences unique to London. With the addition of hot-foil details to give the final luxury touch to the line, premium yet accessible.

This beautiful line is printed on Arconvert’s Tintoretto Gesso H+O IDP UWS. Produced with FSC™ certified elemental chlorine free (ECF) pulp, Tintoretto Gesso H+O IDP UWS is one of the uncoated papers of the Tintoretto family, the felt-marked papers “par excellence.” The Gesso version´s high brightness and iconic felt-marked texture make this paper perfect for premium products labelling. The H+Opacity™ treatment preserves the initial opacity and premium image of the labels enduring the demanding challenge of the ice bucket and temperature changes. The Ultra WS™ treatment prevents deformation, wrinkles and bubbles. Last, but not least, this IDP version is certified for digital printing with INDIGO technology thanks to a special coating treatment developed in collaboration with Hewlett Packard.


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