Wine Label

The new organic line for Cantina Tollo on Materica Gesso Ultra WS, where insects and nature are the true protagonists.

By on August 12th, 2020

Cantina Tollo has an incredible heritage in the wine making craft. In the district of Tollo, a small town in the province of Theatina, archaeologists found numerous dolia (containers used to transport wine), now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti. These wine cells were placed near the residence, but also buried among the vineyards, with the intention of maintaining the properties of the place during the transformation of the must into wine. Still today it is not uncommon to come across the remains of a dolium, moving the soil for replanting work on the vineyards.

With the aim of strengthen the company philosophy and update the image of the products, the Italian design studio Concept Store developed a new packaging for a line of products, aimed at consumers who pay more and more attention to the impact of their behaviour on the environment.

This line presents 5 different organic wines also vegan certified that combine tradition, oenological research and respect for nature.

Each wine has been associated with an insect which also represent an environmental quality indicator (bio-indicators). In fact, the living habits of these insects are the best indicators of environmental and climate change. The beautiful illustrations made by Francesca De Rubeis.

The labels for this special range are printed on Arconvert’s Materica Gesso Ultra WS, a premium self-adhesive paper belonging to Arconvert’s sustainable range. Made with pure cotton fibers that provide softness to the surface, with recycled fibers and special cellulose fibers that add volume and greater mechanical strength. Thanks to the low environmental impact and its uniquely materic and natural finish, Materica is perfect for communicating the idea of authenticity of products made with artisan care.

The perfect match for wines that cherish nature and sustainability.