Arconvert-Ritrama merger strengthens its position in the UK & Irish market for self-adhesive papers and films.

By on August 3rd, 2020


The acquisition of Ritrama in February 2020 by the Fedrigoni Group means that Arconvert-Ritrama are even more firmly positioned as a global supplier of self-adhesive papers and films, bringing huge benefits for customers in the UK & Irish market.


With Ritrama having a large base of operations and offices in the UK, the decision to take advantage of the infrastructure already in place was taken by the Group. The aim of this reorganisation is to bring Arconvert-Ritrama even closer to its customers with its products, services and solutions.

One of the huge improvements to service for the customers in both the UK and Ireland will be lead times and delivery. With the Manchester operation centre currently laying down several million square metres of stock from over 70 products of the Arconvert and Manter range, this, together with the existing Ritrama product range will significantly reduce the lead time and allow delivery either by the next day or within 48 hours, bringing Arconvert-Ritrama in line with UK competitors. With the ability to now avoid the longer transit time from Spain and Italy, customers will reap the benefits of a quicker delivery on so many products and eliminate all the risks of delays that can occur, especially in these current circumstances.

The enthusiastic Customer Service Team in the UK office will be even closer to customers and with five team members under the management of the experienced Head of Customer Services and close liaising and collaboration with the UK-based sales agents as well as with the relevant departments and personnel in Spain and Italy, customers will have a dedicated sales person to quickly respond to all of their enquiries and needs. The UK-based Planning Team and technical services bring their own advantages for ensuring business continuity and planned growth of stock to be held in the UK and the ability to respond quicker than ever to technical issues and queries.

The goal is for a positive impact on the UK market with the aim to conquer new markets and collaborate with the development of new products with high added value, such as packaging for cosmetics, luxury brands and for the wine & spirits / gourmet food industry, always with our strong commitment to meet all of our customers’ needs as global suppliers.

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