Olive Oil Label

Ten, a high-level extra virgin olive oil for the luxurious Fontenay Hotel

By on July 30th, 2020

THE FONTENAY, the new luxury hotel in Hamburg, is a reflection of this modern city, contemporary and classic. A stunning location, offering stunning experiences and welcoming its guests with elegant and refined touches for a first-class arrival experience. The task for Bastian Nemitz (owner of bay designagency) was to create a high-level brand image mirroring the hotel’s high-level profile.

Key card holder, luggage hang tag, stationery folder and a voucher box are some examples of special print products made of the high-quality Fedrigoni papers.

The number TEN wants to recall the hotel’s address, Fontenay 10. For this exclusive EVOO, bay design agency created an elegant label and combined the finest Italian textured paper with a haptic relief varnish. A treat for the eyes and for the guests of the fine dining restaurant “lakeside”.

This classy label is printed on Arconvert’s Constellation Snow Vergata Greaseproof. This uncoated self-adhesive paper made of pure ecological pulp fibers FSC™ certified, features an embossed texture with deep horizontal lines, which makes it elegant and refined. Thanks to the special Greaseproof™ technology added to the pulp mass and not only to the paper surface, Constellation Snow Vergata Greaseproof preserves the integrity and purity of the label from grease and oil stains even along the label edges. The design and appearance remain therefore impeccable, allowing the use of beautiful, natural papers even for labels that until now had to rely on plastic films or dark materials to conceal grease stains.