Wine Label

A starry night on paper: these are Ca’ Stelle wines’ labels on Arconvert premium natural self-adhesive papers.

By on July 23rd, 2020

“Have you ever spent time looking at the stars? “

One of the easiest ways to get to know the sky is to see a meaning in those billions of bright dots, assign recognizable shapes to the disposition of stars. Constellations have been guiding us since the beginning of time and looking at a starry sky on a clear night, almost instinctively we are led to link together, with imaginary segments, the brightest stars as the ancients did. We recognize animals, heroes, objects and feel a connection with all things.

Starting from this concept the Italian design studio Italya has developed a complete brand image for Ca’ Stelle, a star map where you can identify different constellations by associating each of them to a particular wine. Located in the Benevento province, Ca’ Stelle winery’s history goes back to the year 1991, when two brothers’ passion started a tradition that lasts until today.

The Ca’ Stelle wine collection’s labels printed by Sovemec uses different Arconvert’s materials to better highlight each unique product. Thanks to the hot foil details in different shades the results is a stunning game of reflections that remind us of a magic starry night.

Kydonia’s label is printed on Savile Row Tweed Camel , an uncoated self-adhesive paper made of pure elemental chlorine free (ECF) wood-free pulp mixed with cotton fibers and other textile fibers, a perfect mix of sustainability and beauty. The special texture, which recreates the characteristic tweed fabric effect, was designed to pay tribute to Savile Row, the street in London, that was home to some of the finest tailors in the world.



Syrio wine’s label instead was printed on Arconvert’s Cast Gloss Silver Matt, a chrome-coated high-gloss paper, with high-vacuum matt silver metallization and ULTRA WS treatment.

All other wines present labels on Constellation Snow Silk Ultra Ws an embossed, pure ECF pulp paper with the Ultra WSTM treatment. This exclusive treatment is particularly suitable for white, rosé and sparkling wines because it prevents the formation of wrinkles and the deformation of the label in the ice bucket as well as in the event of temperature changes. Furthermore, it increases the adhesion of the label on glass surfaces in damp conditions.