Arconvert presents Avec Plaisir – Pt. 6 – Tintoretto Gesso H+O

By on July 1st, 2020

A celebration of ManterTM brand’s 75-years long history with the Arconvert’s papers that have revolutionized the labeling for high-end products over the last decade.  This is Avec Plaisir, designed with the precious collaboration of the studio of Joan Josep Bertran, who explored sensorial stimuli in their playful dimension and turned hearing, sight, taste and touch into narrative tools that boosted the creative possibilities of our face-stocks.

This sixth and last chapter dedicated to this historic collection presents the most iconic paper of Manter™ range, the brand for special self-adhesive papers produced by Arconvert, Tintoretto Gesso H+O. This uncoated felt-marked luxury material is combined with the H+Opacity™ technology, specially developed by Fedrigoni Group’s paper-making masters to preserve the initial opacity and premium image of the labels facing the demanding challenge of the ice bucket and temperature changes. As all the materials contained in this collection also Tintoretto Gesso H+O presents the Ultra WS treatment which acts as a barrier ensuring greater adaptability and stability of the label on the bottle these papers are the perfect fit for white wines, sparkling and rosé.

The label created for the Avec Plaisir collection displays The Fountain, a meeting place that brings people of all kinds together. From The Fountain spouts unending nectar with toning properties and the power to rejuvenate, revitalise and relieve stress. In all cultures there is a Fountain that calls out and provides. A pilgrimage destination that cures. A starting point and rite of passage.

See our video about the H+Opacity technology –>


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