Wine Label

A premium wine by Zelanos, a pitch-black label by Jordan Jelev

By on June 24th, 2020

Zelanos Winery. Built on one of the many historical Thracian sites, in a Bulgarian region known for centuries for excellent and elegant wines, the winery is the accomplished lifelong dream of its owner, Mrs Reni Slavova. It opened doors in 2014 in Slavyantsi, a small village near the famous Valley of the Roses. The winery’s terraces reveal breathtaking views onto the place where the best rose oil in the world is produced. It is a pristine environment ideally suited for growing grapes and also known as the kingdom of Misket, a delicate, aromatic, indigenous grape variety. For the premium, single barrel Syrah of Zelanos Winery, Jordan Jelev had to design a label able to keep up with the high standards of the product itself. This wine, launched in 2019 was named Z1, where Z stays for the winery and 1 indicates its prime and high-class character, a “first” among the cellar’s products.

Aligned with the Zelanos range, the Labelmaker created a classy and minimal design, an elegant label capable of attracting the customer from the distance and to stand out among all bottles on the shelf.  The uniqueness of the design here is the dominating “Z”, a hand-sketched lettering element, evoking a brush stroke, printed in gold silk foil on a gold hot foil surface, while the number 1 is created with a white hot foil. The wine range “Zelanos Premium” effect is given by a high build transparent varnish.  These elegant details are exalted by Arconvert’s premium paper Ispira Nero Mistero, a pitch-black paper with a beautiful soft-touch finish, which thanks to the Ultra WS treatment on the front label, avoids the formation of wrinkles and reduces the absorption of water on the surface of the paper.

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