Arconvert presents Avec Plaisir – Pt. 5 – Tintoretto Crystal Salt and Saville Row Tweed Extra White

By on June 5th, 2020

A celebration of ManterTM brand’s 75-years long history with the Arconvert’s papers that have revolutionized the labeling for high-end products over the last decade.  This is Avec Plaisir, designed with the precious collaboration of the studio of Joan Josep Bertran, who explored sensorial stimuli in their playful dimension and turned hearing, sight, taste and touch into narrative tools that boosted the creative possibilities of our face-stocks.

This fifth chapter dedicated to this historic collection presents two special premium papers, symbol of creativity and sustainability, Tintoretto Crysalt Salt and Savile Row Tweed Extra White. Combined with the Ultra WSTM treatment, which acts as a barrier ensuring greater adaptability and stability of the label on the bottle these papers are the perfect fit for white wines, sparkling and rosé.

Crystal Salt is one of the uncoated self-adhesive papers of the Tintoretto family, the felt-marked papers «par excellence». The Crystal Salt version features a bright shade of white that reminds of the typical high whiteness of the salt crystals processed in the saltworks of Renaissance Venice.

The beautiful label created for this high-class self-adhesive paper is impressive; thousands of sound watts translated into solid lines that keep the beat without a bass drum, hanging toms or cymbals. The visual space pulses powerfully producing melodic curves, rhythmic components, asynchronous voids. This syncopated rhythm transforms sound into electricity and electricity into a vibrant and latent visual. Sight and hearing mixed together in a reminder of desert dunes of music.

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Our second premium paper is Savile Row Tweed Extra White. This uncoated self-adhesive paper made of pure elemental chlorine free (ECF) wood-free pulp mixed with cotton fibers and other textile fibers is a perfect mix of sustainability and beauty. The special texture, which recreates the characteristic tweed fabric effect, was designed to pay tribute to Savile Row, the street in London, that was home to some of the finest tailors in the world.

The label for it represents the exploration of outer space as an allegory of the internal journey. A hallucinatory universe in which characters, objects and dislocated formulas orbit, at the mercy of the unrelenting pull of the black hole’s magnetic force, the vanishing point. A journey seeking for the meaning of existence and life itself.


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