Wine Label

Incanto on Ispira Nero Mistero pointing out to the subtle connection between wine and magic.

By on May 28th, 2020

A second label for Jordan Jelev’s and Arconvert’s Ispira Nero Mistero success story, as recently published in our interview with the designer.

The Incanto range by the Medi Valley Winery, belongs to the top Bulgarian wines and the “black” bottle is its undisputed protagonist.

The special connection of the designer Jordan Jelev to this special product is here depicted on the label, an “enchantment”, an abstract word for something real. A story of wine and magic, the enchanting power of wine, so strong to drive people to incredible efforts and studies to achieve always higher oenological results.

This is the meaning of the magic wand, rough brush strokes on the background to express the very moment where the wizard, like the oenologist, wields his wand and magic happens.

While the three other labels of the Incanto range are printed by Rotoprint on Arconvert’s Constellation Jade Raster, an embossed, pearlescent premium paper, Ispira Nero Mistero is the perfect background for such a unique label like the one for the “Black” wine, where silk foil and debossing embellishments produce an outstanding premium label, with a special soft surface finish.


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