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Tread Softly by Denomination and Album di Famiglia by Spazio di Paolo are the first and third prizes in the Dieline Awards’ “Wine and Champagne” category.

By on May 21st, 2020

In addition to the Arconvert Label Award, allocated to the No Man’s Space Eclipse Gin by Spazio di Paolo, two more labels produced with Arconvert materials are on the podium of the “wine and champagne” category of the Dieline Awards.

First prize goes to Tread Softly by Denomination (Australia).

1st Place Wine & Champagne Tread Softly_web
Created by the acclaimed Australian design studio Denomination for Fourth Wave, this new wine line wants to address a new, younger generation, a generation whose environmental and health consciousness can’t be overlooked. Key elements must therefore be sustainability, minimal preservatives and low alcohol percentage, all characteristics reflected in the “Tread Softly” name too.

A deliberately tiny front label to attract consumers and let them nearer. Once the bottle is turned the exploding presence of nature, flowers, insects and birds recalls the ethical and environmental mark the wine has. A delicate and sophisticate label with a powerful message, for every sold case a new tree planted.

The labels are printed by MultiColor Australia on Arconvert’s Tintoretto Cashemere a FSCTM certified and pure chlorine-free (ECF) cellulose paper. This beautiful material is felt marked and perfectly conveys the image of raw, natural and sustainable beauty.


Third prize goes to Album di Famiglia by Spazio di Paolo (Italy).

12 3rd Place Album di Famigila 1

Besides receiving the Arconvert Label Award with No Man’s Space Eclipse Gin, Spazio di Paolo collects another prize in the wine and champagne category with another incredible project, Album di Famiglia [Family Album]. The design starts from authentic pictures from the early 20th century. Tripod, wooden view camera, silver salt and magnesium powder emulsified glass panes for the flash, these are the core ingredients of ancient photography and elements of creativity triggers for this beautiful line. A family album, one you can find in every home, beautiful memories of past times, where rhythm was given by nature and a harvest season.

Three labels for three organic wines of the Puglia region, weaving together concepts like family, nature and origins.
Printed by Modulsi on Arconvert’s Picasso X-Dry and Cotone Bianco Ultra WS, are a perfect mix of sustainability and performace, for premium products.

Picasso X-Dry is an uncoated paper produced with FSC™ certified elemental chlorine free (ECF) wood-free primary pulp. Its natural white shade and felt-marked texture make it elegant and high-class. Picasso features X-Dry™ waterproof technology specifically designed to preserve the initial label opacity and integrity after being exposed to extreme temperature changes in the fridge and ice bucket. X-Dry™ technology also prevents deformation, wrinkles and bubbles and, combined with Arconvert’s permanent acrylic adhesive SH-9020™, is the ideal solution for all premium products requiring high-performing labels.

On the other side Cotone Bianco, produced in the historical Fedrigoni’s factory of Fabriano with pure cotton fibers, a yearly renewable plant, is a paper with a precious felt-marked texture and a delicate natural white shade, which make it one of the must-have self-adhesive papers preferred by label designers all over the world. This paper is combined with the Ultra WSTM treatment which acts as a barrier ensuring greater adaptability of the label on the bottle.

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