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Dieline’s special award – Arconvert Label Award – has a winner! Discover the incredible label for No Man’s Space Eclipse Gin by Spazio di Paolo!

By on May 20th, 2020

Celebrating ten years of influential design, innovation and pure excellence, also this year’s Dieline edition comes to an end, awarding incredible designs and innovative ideas. As one of the largest packaging design competitions of its kind, Dieline Awards continues to evolve and shape the design community, highlighting the impactful trends we love to pay homage to.

As official partner of the Dieline Awards, Arconvert allocates one of the three Special Awards, the Arconvert Label Award.

And the winner is…… No Man’s Space Eclipse Gin by Spazio di Paolo!

Eclipse Gin is part of a line by Brand Breeder, No Man’s Space, entirely designed by the world-renowned designer Mario di Paolo of Spazio di Paolo. The ancestral space, as physical dimension of freedom and defeat of limitations, inspiration for the human race, this is where this incredible project started.

Eclipse Gin, with an imaginative three-dimensional label of iconic representation of a solar eclipse, wants to reach out to the consumers, interacting attracting their gaze from a distance. The packaging conquers space and reaches a three-dimensional level with a minimalistic but extremely elegant design. Despite the apparent simplicity of this label, the planning and the technological study behind it are extremely innovative and refined. First of all, the self-adhesive materials. Printed on two different tree-free papers made of 100% pure cotton fibers, the Eclipse Gin label is an example of sustainability.

Cotone Bianco, produced in the historical Fedrigoni’s factory of Fabriano with pure cotton fibers, a yearly renewable plant, is a paper with a precious felt-marked texture and a delicate natural white shade, which make it one of the must-have self-adhesive papers preferred by label designers all over the world. The high substance makes it perfect for embossing and debossing finishes.

Beside this top-seller the label features a brand-new material by Arconvert, Cotone Nero Felt. This deep black version with a special pronounced felt-marked texture is a stunning addition to the Arconvert’s product range. Colored directly in the paper mass, it avoids showing unaesthetically white edges on the label, for an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

The minimal simplicity of the black and white contrast coupled with the golden foil glimmering effect creates a magical effect.  Combined with the new permanent adhesive SH9020TM and the Ultra WSTM treatment which acts as a barrier ensuring greater adaptability of the label on the bottle., the label is guaranteed to prevent the formation of wrinkles and bubbles in times of highest distress, caused by humidity and temperature changes. Besides, materials combined with SH9020TM offer a higher level of opacity, maintaining a perfect image of the original design.

Eclipse is a little masterpiece and yet it is not meant to dress just a few numbered bottles. This label design hides the technological innovation necessary to replicate it on an industrial level and apply it automatically on millions of bottles, which is extremely important considering wine and spirits big volumes. Most of Mario di Paolo’s labels are regularly copied by many designers around the world. However, in most cases, the imitations remain feasible just for limited productions, for if it is easy to copy the graphic design, it is not so easy to understand the engineering process behind the design and reapply it on an industrial level. A challenging project like Eclipse, could not but being printed by a technologically advanced label producer like Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche based in North-East Italy, that usually helps Mario Di Paolo in developing his ideas and launching new trends.


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