Wine Label

Dalakov Kvevri’s label by Jordan Jelev plays with contrasts and cultural references to represent the peculiar personality of its winemaker.

By on May 18th, 2020

As recently published in our interview with Jordan Jelev – the Labelmaker, his use of Arconvert’s Ispira Nero Mistero is what we could call a success story. In the following weeks we will present you different labels created by Jordan Jelev with the use of this special paper.

The first label presented is the Dalakov Kvevri private wine label, a collaboration between the Labelmaker and Nikolay Dalakov for his Better Half Garage Wines. This Bulgarian winery, which is incredibly well- known in its region, is an iconic business producing only limited, premium wines.

Dalakov Kvevri is the result of a 16 months-long aging in original Kvevri vessels from Georgia made from clay at 2000m altitude and in Baron French open top barrels. The wine is aged for 16 months in Kvevri and Tronçais new French oak and then aged for another 12 months in bottles.

The creative phase was intuitive and followed the strong and outstanding personality of the winemaker, as well as his love for non-traditional processes. Starting from a monogram idea, the designer went back in time to the Glagolitic script, the oldest Slavic alphabet dating back to the 9th century. That’s how the letter D became the protagonist of this label, “D” as for “Dalakov”, a true homage to its creator. A game of alphabets and cultures that can be seen in the mixed use of Latin and Cyrillic characters.

This label is printed on Arconvert’s Ispira Nero Mistero Ultra WS by 2M Print, a self-adhesive natural pure cellulose, chlorine-free (ECF) paper of extraordinary quality with a surface finish that is especially soft to the touch. Combined with the Ultra WS treatment on the front label, avoids the formation of wrinkles and reduces the absorption of water on the surface of the paper. An example of a simple, clean, yet memorable and attractive private wine label design, where the special matte finishing of the paper is incredibly counterposed to lucid effects, silk-screen printing and the use of the golden-black contrast, all elements that create a unique and elegant label.


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