Arconvert presents Avec Plaisir – Pt. 4 – Constellation Snow Vergata Greaseproof

By on May 13th, 2020

A celebration of ManterTM brand’s 75-years long history with the Arconvert’s papers that have revolutionized the labeling for high-end products over the last decade.  This is Avec Plaisir, designed with the precious collaboration of the studio of Joan Josep Bertran, who explored sensorial stimuli in their playful dimension and turned hearing, sight, taste and touch into narrative tools that boosted the creative possibilities of our face-stocks.

This fourth chapter dedicated to this historic collection presents a beautifully embossed paper with a special stain-resistant treatment, Constellation Snow Vergata Greaseproof.  This uncoated self-adhesive paper made of pure ecological pulp fibers FSC™ certified, features an embossed texture with deep horizontal lines, which makes it elegant and refined. Thanks to the special Greaseproof™ technology added to the pulp mass and not only to the paper surface, Constellation Snow Vergata Greaseproof preserves the integrity and purity of the label from grease and oil stains even along the label edges. The design and appearance remain therefore impeccable, allowing the use of beautiful, natural papers even for labels that until now had to rely on plastic films or dark materials to conceal grease stains.

The label created for the Avec Plaisir collection displays “Union”, the pleasures of belonging to something without glamour or glitters. Bonds were created through hidden, familiar moments that lie in the past, the comfort of being at home, a couch potato, cheese snacks, old-school video games, or that playlist you’d sing at Karaoke but would never add to your Spotify profile.

In the end, you would never agree to belong to a club that would accept you as a member, unless you have a badge that you can show off without shame on the back of your car window.


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