Wine Label

inAnfora, an incredible wine carrying Roman ancient tradition and oenological knowledge.

By on May 6th, 2020

The discovery of ancient Roman amphorae in the cellar sites of the Feudo Antico winery has led to the recovery of this ancestral method of winemaking, already mentioned in Pliny’s texts. A system that goes back in centuries and now as before aims for minimal intervention in the cellar, typical of the Roman tradition, with very few quantities of sulphites. This winery, hidden in the Abruzzi region’s heart, produces limited yields from their vineyards and apply only organic or low environmental impact viticulture techniques. Each wine originates in a circumscribed terrain, identified on the basis of a thorough investigation, so as to express the full potential of each variety.

For this special inAnfora wine, clearly recalling to the ancient Roman amphorae, the designer studio Concept Store created a unique label that counterposes the formal rigor of the cellar logo to the uneven lettering of the inAnfora lettering, absolute protagonist of the project.

Printed on Arconvert’s Tintoretto Black Pepper, a felt-marked paper, pulp-colored, which gives an incredibly refined touch to these dark bottle and avoids showing the typical white borderline of printed black labels. A black and white label for an iconic image full of history and elegance.