Wine Label

Urban Rose by Crveno with a young and vibrant label on Sirio Pearl Orange Glow, reminder of summer flavours and freshness.

By on April 29th, 2020

Leaning on the southern slope of Fruška Gora, one of the mountains of the beautiful homonymous Serbian national park, there is where Deurić winery can be found. With maximum exposure to sun rays, all year long a gentle breeze blowing on a fertile soil, Fruška Gora is also one of the oldest vineyards in Serbia and while nature provides the basis, passion and modern techniques make the grapes thrive.

Vinarija Deurić offers a wide range of first-class, award-winning wines, produced using the latest cellaring techniques and know-how with the aim to meet the highest quality standards and thus to make first-class wines that are unique and distinctive. Among these is Urban Rose.

With the strong desire to create a brand-new design for this 100% Pinot Noir rosé wine, Urban Rose’s label created by Crveno Valjevo strives to convey a fresh and modern message to young consumers, suitable for every occasion.

The label is printed Arconvert’s Sirio Pearl Orange Glow, a self-adhesive paper with a special metallic and pearlescent finish that produces sparkling reflections recalling those of precious stones and making the label elegant and sophisticated even without adding many printing finishes. In addition, this vibrant color is a sure eye-catcher, assuring the product to stand out even among dozens of bottles on a shelf.

Urban Rose 2017