Olive Oil Label

Alchimia’s label encloses the story of olive plants and their fruits, accompanied by the sun throughout their transformation.

By on April 22nd, 2020

Signed by Marina Palusci, a guarantee to premium quality and attention to detail, the 2000 Alchimia bottles are an absolute exclusive production of a monocultivar olive oil from the Abruzzi region.

The designer Mario di Paolo of Spazio di Paolo, decided to use a deep blue glass bottle inspired by the glasses used for the panel tests. In fact, olive oil quality is checked, besides the chemical and physical tests, by a “panel” of experts, who can decide the oil category by tasting the samples.

The product’s label is made on two levels, the upper layer in Arconvert’s Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof with partial removal in the shape of an olive that discloses the lower layer in screen-printed PVC. Each shape reveals a new story through the white images depicted in it and creates a real narrative effect; a counterclockwise description following the oil production process, recalling the sun’s trajectory and its importance in all the growing phases of this precious plants and their production.

From the olive tree, to the birth of the inflorescence, from the ripe fruit to the harvest, up to the woman depicted in the last ovoid opening, representing the wait for the cycle to be closed.

Arconvert’s Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof is a pure ECF pulp, felt-marked self-adhesive paper with a barrier to oils and greases. The feared problem of the oil stain on the label is eliminated thanks to the Greaseproof treatment, which allows the self-adhesive paper, and consequently the label, to maintain an impeccable appearance even when it comes in contact with vegetable oil and grease.