Baltasar López Cuadra
Olive Oil Label

The Hojiblanca Fresco Collection on Nature Paper Greaseproof illustrates sensorial perceptions in a way you have never seen before.

By on April 1st, 2020

Deoleo Group, founded in Spain in 1990 is a renowned food and brand owner company, which for the past 20 years has been cultivating a strong passion for olive oil until becoming the world’s largest group in the sector with brands like Sasso, Carapelli, Friol and Bertolli.

For its Hojiblanca Brand the Group launched, in collaboration with Cabello X Mure and its creative director Isabel Cabello, a limited edition – Fresh Collection. These three olive oils are characterized by strong fragrant sensory notes, which differentiate them from the conventional range.

To highlight the special features and fragrances of these products the designer created an innovative color codification thanks to original illustrations by Isabel Cabello. The label, divided in two halves shows the fragrances connected to the taste in the lower part, while displaying the scents for the smell in the upper part creating a complex organoleptic picture.

This colourful, vibrant label is printed on Arconvert’s Nature Paper Greaseproof, an incredible pure ECF pulp paper belonging to the special GreaseproofTM range. Especially developed for cosmetics and high-end food specialties this self-adhesive papers present a stain-resistant treatment added directly to the paper mixture to guarantee an immaculate result even along the label’s edges and not only on the surface.

The natural texture of the paper combined with silkscreen printing and golden details create an extremely fresh and dynamic label, perfect for these olive oils’ strong personalities.

 grafica_fresco_hojiblancaesp5 Baltasar López Cuadra

Photography by Balta fotógrafo