Spirits Label

IRPO, the wolf. A synergy of art and nature for an incredibly refined result created by the collaboration between design, calligraphy, distillation and packaging.

By on March 30th, 2020

The IRPO project is an extraordinary result of collaboration and synergy between different arts, different worlds that meet to create something special and unique. In this project, design, calligraphy, distillation, and packaging, each element is fundamental for an incredibly refined result.

The starting point and background to IRPO is the symbolism found in the wolf.  In the Oscan language, a language used by the archaic populations of central Italy, IRPO means wolf and, according to legend, the Irpini chose this animal as a totemic symbol of strength, empathy and collaboration.

The wolf is committed to the its pack, no one is left behind, and everyone contributes to the common goal. The wolf still represents the green Irpinia, a place where the extraordinary grappa created by the inspiration of the Antonellis Distillery comes to life to preserve the flavours and scents of nature.

As with wolves, the shared success lies in the success of a group in achieving a goal, and it is precisely from the collaboration that this project conceived and coordinated by Andrea Basile, BasileADV was born.

The label for this precious grappa is printed by La Commerciale on Arconvert’s Tintoretto Black Pepper Ultra WS, which combined with Clear Gloss allows the particular technique of glass decal. With this technique we are able to see the beautiful, evocative illustration of the wolf by Andrea Longhi through the glass, on the back of the bottle. For the back label BasileADV chose a Tintoretto Gesso H+O Ultra WS to underline the contrast. The Tintoretto premium range presents FSCTM certified, felt-marked papers, with the Ultra WS treatment which prevents the formation of wrinkles and the deformation of the label in difficult situations like extreme temperature changes and humidity. Additionally, Tintoretto black pepper is a pulp-colored paper, which gives an incredibly refined touch to dark bottles and avoids showing the typical white borderline of printed black labels.

The various embellishments make this product a piece of art. The UV printing, the golden details, the micro and nano embossing; everything is perfectly designed to work together. Lettering and calligraphy details by Resistenza and  Luxoro’s golden plates highlight the premium character of this product. A dark-golden contrast created not only by the label but also by the special 200 ml Vetroelite bottle.


The end result is a combination of creativity and territorial identity, it is the fantasy that meets artisan

skills and moves in the constant search for excellence in the subtle space that separates tradition and




Photo by Diego De Dominicis, d/dedo Studio

         Packaging by Grafica Nappa

         Brochure printed on Fedrigoni’s paper