Arconvert remembers Giacomo Bersanetti, Bergamo’s wine designer of SGA Wine Design

By on March 20th, 2020

Giacomo Bersanetti was a man of many talents. He was one of the greatest designers and professionals we had the privilege to work with, a truly passionate, inventive and original mind. His creative approach to the world of wines was never ordinary, always resulting into classy and unique labels conceived to speak a gentle language and go beyond the mere commercial strategy. Thanks to his great artistic sensitivity and his empathy he was able to capture beauty everywhere and naturally translate it into his creativity. He was a class act, a kind man who loved investing his time teaching young designers and sharing with them his know-hows and expertise. His team was family and everybody in SGA considered him like a father. Giacomo won’t be forgotten. We we’ll always be grateful to him and his creative genius. For his life and works are not just SGA’s legacy, but also part of Italy’s cultural heritage to treasure forever.


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