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La negra flor – a tribute to Barcelona and its Rambla on reggae tones by Radio Futura

By on March 18th, 2020

“Y al final de la Rambla

  Me encontré con la negra flor…”


La negra flor is a red wine from the region of Terragona – Spain, produced by the winery Cellers Terra i Vins, a winery with more than 25 years of experience and a strong desire to express the dynamic, passionate unicity of its 5 founders.

This label by Grow TDC features a black rose as central motif of the design and the inspiration for this flower comes from an unexpected source, a song by Radio Futura. Written in 1987 “La negra flor” by Radio Futura is an homage to the city of Barcelona and its Rambla – Barcelona’s most famous and liveliest street, places that were very close to the band’s heart, this relationship almost described as a love story.

The whole project is a hymn to this special song, in which the singer narrates that at the end of La Rambla he found a black flower. In fact, all references are connected, the central rose, embellished with golden hot foil, the leaf-shaped glimpse of La Rambla and then the song fragment at the bottom.

The label is printed on Arconvert’s Waterproof White, a pure cellulose FSC™ certified paper, treated on both sides with a coating that ensures maximum opacity in wet conditions and high resistance to moisture. Besides the technical performances, this premium paper has a beautiful texture which, with its candid nuance, perfectly highlights the black, shiny finishing of the rose while combining it with the golden embellishments.