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Wine Label

A member only edition for Hugh Hamilton Wines printed on Savile Row Tweed Dark Grey for the exclusive Black Sheep Club

By on March 9th, 2020

For their Black Sheep Club members Hugh Hamilton Wines required a label, specifically designed for the exclusive member only wines range. With 180 years and six generations of winemaking, this Australian winery offers access to extremely limited products as well as invitations to exclusive events and experiences, all accurately conceived for the Black Sheep Club members.

The label for this Shiraz bottle from the McLaren Vale Region designed by Voice Design, had to convey a sense of exclusivity and stand out at the cellar door as incentive to join the Black Sheep Club.

The label incorporates established Hugh Hamilton brand elements like the Black Sheep and the HH initials Pattern, and presents them in a unique round label format with the club initials on the extremities.

Printed by MCC Labels on Arconvert’s Savile Row Tweed Dark Grey, a pure cellulose paper embossed off-machine in a textile design, ECF and coloured in pulp, this label is embellished with a copper foil which enhances the fishbone pattern of the paper and results extremely elegant and precious.

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