Spirits Label

The label for Grappa di aglianico da Taurasi, designed by ABasileADV using the special glass decal technique, is a classic but elegant reminder of nature’s fragrances

By on February 28th, 2020

Antonellis’ distillery was born through the passion of Paolo Saverio Antonellis who with obstinacy and dedication transformed 400 kg Taurasi-pomace and rudimental equipment into what is now a prestigious reality that recovers the century-old tradition of marcs distillation.

In a region where wine varieties like Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo are strongly established, this distillery had the idea of ​​continuing the supply chain and reusing the vinification processing waste, to obtain a high-quality product such as single grape grappa. The distilled raw materials come only from the best wineries in the Irpino wine scene and are collected and processed separately to ensure that each type has specific qualities.

For the design of this bottle Antonellis Distillery did not want to give up its characteristic Bordeaux bottle, with its classic but at the same time elegant profile.

Therefore, the designer Andrea Basile of the ABasile ADV studio decided to create something eye-catching, thanks to the uncommon design and graphics, where the label lets you imagine the scents and fragrances even before tasting the grappa.

The copper evokes the alembics used to still grappa with a traditional and unchanged method: low temperature vapor to favor the extraction and selection of the best scents and most delicate fragrances.

Each single variety is associated with a color chosen to enhance the flavour and body of the grappa.

For these unusual labels, the designer Andrea Basile choose to use a particular technique: the glass decal.

For this project the floral motif was printed with a metallic pantone on Arconvert’s Clear Gloss’s surface, which has an excellent clarity, and then covered by two white layers. Afterwards the writing was printed in black on the white layers with the addition of gold embellishments and the 3D silk screen printing, which is perfectly aligned with the glass decal on the back of the film.

The box completing the packaging is printed on Fedrigoni’s Freelife Vellum recalling the glass decal motives of flowers, plants and nature.9Antonellis8Antonellis