Spirits Label

The label for a Portuguese gin inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, Foxtale on Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS.

By on February 24th, 2020

The Foxtale is a 40% vol. Premium edition Dry-Gin, crafted and bottled in Portugal, with a particular message delivered by an outstanding label.

Foxtale stands for meeting moments and wants to celebrate friends as well as family, all people whose company makes us happy and carefree. This clear and flavourful gin brings people together and its story originates from a world-renowned book, The Little Price written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 1943.

In this incredible story about friendship and life the little prince meets a fox that teaches him an important lesson: in order for two people to get along, they have to be captivated and captivate means they have to “create bonds”; once people are bounded to each other they will always have a connection. The fox of The Little Prince will always remember him when it sees the color of wheat, because it’ll remind it of the yellow of his hair. Here the inspiration for this Gin’s name and label. Here the connection between people, a premium product that creates bonds.

The details and colours of this label are unique. The letters reminding of antique calligraphy, all enhanced by the hot foil complicate caprices in two colours, gold for the premium character and blue for a young, vibrant touch. But what really makes this label so precious are the embossed details on the paper, which elevate the label and together with the singular die-cutting offer a beautiful and effective design by Think Bold Studio.

Arconvert’s Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS, on which the label is printed, is the perfect solution for an outstanding result. On this felt-marked paper the details and embroidery are not only possible but accentuated and the special treatment Ultra WS allows the label to face any kind of distress, be it humidity or ice-cold refrigerators.