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Wine Label

A brand-new image for Firriato’s Soria – Frappato and Perricone, two antique wine varieties of the Sicilian tradition.

By on February 21st, 2020

Firriato was born in the 80’s from the passion and desire of a young entrepreneur to express and grow the potential of his beloved native land, Sicily.

After building a name and becoming a flourishing tradition over the past decades, with Frappato and Perricone – two wine varieties of the Soria line – there’s a need for modernity and image reinterpretation.

Playing with shades and colors, bronze embellishments, as well as silk-screen printing, the wine’s name is predominant on the label and catches even the distracted glances of a passer-by. In addition, the particular shape of the bottle is another distinctive characteristic aimed to emphasize the products, tracing back to the grapes origin, the Baglio Soria hills in the Trapani countryside.

All this, designed by Artevino Studio, is the result of accurate research and expresses the antique Sicilian terroir at its best, supported by Arconvert’s Waterproof White, on which the label is printed.

Waterproof White is a FSC™ certified pure cellulose paper, treated on both sides with a coating that ensures maximum opacity in wet conditions and high resistance to moisture.

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Discover another beautiful design for the Firriato winery on Arconvert’s papers, the Grillo Caeles.

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