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Olio Officina Festival 2020 – A case history on the Power of Packaging

By on February 5th, 2020

What is the process of packaging-premiumization?

Finally, the oil producers have started to rely on true design- professionals for communication and printing and to prefer premium self-adhesive papers instead of plastic films in order to present their products in a more attractive way.

In fact, studies confirm that the sight is our predominant sense and a natural paper label communicates consistency to the product’s quality; that’s why the best bottles of Extra Virgin olive oil show more and more premium paper- labels. Plastic films give an image of cheapness and poor quality to the product while paper communicates class, tradition, modernity and ecology. Furthermore, multisensorial stimulation increases the connection to the consumer and lays a vital role in the search for tactile pleasure, it awakens the feeling of touch and sight and amplifies the emotional experience of the costumer.

Arconvert helps and sustains the oil producers that have decided to invest in brands image and packaging and provides the perfect technology for the oil products. Our greaseproof treatment is 100% stain-resistant and added in the paper pulp. This enhances its properties and avoids the oil penetration even along the label borders, where usually the oil drops drip.

Come discover our case history at Olio Officina on the 7th of February.

In collaboration with Frantoio Converso, Erreennezeta Studio and Albagrafica.