Aconvert takes part in the FLOS OLEI IN TOUR – Rome, 7 December 2019

By on December 6th, 2019

Arconvert is taking part in the Roman leg of the Flos Olei Tour. It is a real “Extra Virgin Day”; a day (Saturday, 7 December 2019) dedicated not only to extra virgin olive oil but also to the huge range of products and outstanding foods that give Italy such a special character. The Flos Olei Tour is named after the Flos Olei Guide, created by Marco Oreggia and Laura Marinelli to present extra virgin olive oils from the best oil mills to the press and to professionals in the sector.

Flos Olei Tour in Rome will be an event open to both professionals and end-consumers, in order to share with everyone, the excellence of Italian agro-food products and the philosophy of the Flos Olei team. A series of masterclasses and tastings will be held throughout the day in addition to the presence of important national and international players in the olive oil market.

Arconvert will take part in this event not only as an aesthetic benchmark for lovers of beauty but also as the sector’s main leader in terms of technological innovation due to its production of high-quality self-adhesive materials. Thanks to an exclusive Greaseproof treatment applied to the paper pulp, Arconvert offers self-adhesive papers and films that are even resistant to drops of oil, which can damage the edges of the labels.