Spirits Label

A unique outside and inside premium Gin labelled with Constellation Snow Intreccio and designed by Estudio Enpedra.

By on November 20th, 2019

The brand name of this product from Pridem comes from the word Pride.  This product is for all consumers but with particular attention to the Gay Community. Working on the concept of freedom was a great idea to start this project.

The “essence of freedom” is tasted with Pridem´s gin.  “Freedom as essence”, the ability to make decisions is what makes navigators not lose their essence.  The producers have managed to bottle it, so you can savour it´s freedom in its purest state with each glass.  In this bottle, there are approximately 14,000 proud drops of Pridem’s gin, created one by one in small copper stills from the purest alcohol and with the infusion of triple-distilled select botanicals.  Enjoy the journey!

The challenge was to create a unique and outstanding packaging for this premium Gin, personalizing the capsule and the cap, designing the label and choosing the perfect glass bottle.



The protagonist of the label design project is the brand’s name.  The Estudio Enpedra accepted the challenging project and started by choosing a conical bottle and a label which is composed of 4 single parallel labels.  The production of the label was the most difficult challenge as the 4 separate pieces were difficult to stick on the bottle correctly.  The designers together with the printing experts of Coreti – a Galician company specialised in label printing – developed a special system so that the label can be attached to a piece and then removing the remaining joints.  .

The pressure-sensitive paper that was chosen for this special label is the Constellation Snow Intreccio Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert. The embossed, pure ECF pulp paper, with the Ultra WSTM treatment is FSCTM certified, as are the majority of Arconvert’s pressure-sensitive papers.