Cosmetic Label

The packaging of Ferdy products, designed by Salvatore Saltaniello, has the perfect natural effect thanks to the embossed paper Constellation Snow Country and the wooden details.

By on November 15th, 2019

The renowned Via Mercatorum in Val Brembana was crossed by artists, poets and traders, who have exchanged products since medieval times. The old market took place under majestic galleries, supported by wonderful stone arches.

The combination of this unusual structure together with its trade history has inspired the design of these new cosmetics. The visual creates a direct link between the product and location.  Using a QR code on the label, you can discover how to use the product, the origin of the ingredients and how to book a ritual spa treatment.

These unique architectural elements characterize the structure of the Ferdy Spa, built with the stones from the Brembo river that flows nearby.  A magical place that is reached by crossing a bridge to an ancient gate to enter nature infused with the scents of essential oils to give guests a timeless sense of well-being.  Between the XVI Century arches and local stones, guests will relax with treatments from raw materials from the farm such as hay, whay, essential oils, wool and many more.

The Salvatore Saltaniello design agency created the perfect combination with an embossed paper and wooden details, that gives the packaging a very natural effect, consistent with Agriturismo Ferdy’s philosophy.


The label is printed on Arconvert’s pressure-sensitive paper Constellation Snow Country Ultra WS: embossed, pure ECF pulp paper with the Ultra WSTM treatment. This exclusive treatment is particularly suitable for white, rosé and sparkling wines because it prevents the formation of wrinkles and the deformation of the label in the ice bucket as well as in the event of temperature changes. Furthermore, it increases the adhesion of the label on glass surfaces in damp conditions.