Olive Oil Label

The Red Dot 2019: Best of the Best award goes to the Istrian Latini Olive Oil.

By on November 6th, 2019

The creative team from the Tumpić / Prenc Studio from Rovinj were awarded for Best Packaging at the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best Awards by a panel of international judges. The packaging design for the Latini olive oil is closely tied to Istra, a region in Croatia on the Adriatic. The design idea was conceived by using a plaid shirt motif that evokes Istra´s dynamic past and the adversities faced by the workers inland who often had to go closer to the coast where there were Italian landowners to find work. The Italian landowners were known as “Latini” and the story goes that Tone, an ancestor from the end of the 19th century of the company´s founder of the Latini brand of olive oil would occasionally go work for an Italian landowner in their olive groves and one day was given a plaid shirt in lieu of a day´s wage. This was a rare sight in the village and earnt him the nickname “Latini”, which carried on down the family line and so was chosen as the brand name for the oil being produced in their own Istrian olive groves.

The label, by resembling a plaid shirt, “dresses up” the bottle as a symbol of a portrait of Tone, the family´s ancestor.  A card tucked in the label´s “shirt pocket” tells the Latini family story beind the product which connects their history to their highly prized and delicious craft olive oil. The shirt pocket posed a technical challenge for the printing experts of Etikgraf, as the label is not just to conjure up fashion but had to strictly fit a rectangular bottle while having an opening to insert the small card telling the Latini family story.

The perfect fit for this complexly detailed project was the pressure-sensitive paper Acquerello Bianco Ultra WS  by  Arconvert.  A pure ECF pulp paper, felt marked and with the Ultra WS treatment.

The label styled as a beautifully coloured plaid shirt in green hues matches the olive oil contained in the bottle.  The “fashion” aspect is heightened by having the design branded with quotations from the fashion world enhancing the product and making it highly decorative on the table. The design team received the award at a ceremony in Berlin on 1st November. “It is one of the most acclaimed design awards in the world, with works ranging from industrial design to visual communications.  Works came from 54 countries this year and the number of entries was record high.  If you come across an an award-winning product in the store, it will always be marked with a Red Dot sign” said Tumpić.